The Climate Futures Project

Models are powerful analytical tools that shape policy priorities, targets, and international negotiations on climate change. The Climate Futures Project is an independent initiative co-developed by the Centre for Policy Research and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to foster the informed and measured use of climate policy modelling studies by decision makers, scientists, journalists and concerned citizens. We apply a common framework to assess, compare, and interpret the assumptions and results of modelling studies.

The Climate Futures Project was jointly conceptualised by the Centre for Policy Research and IIT Delhi.

About SFC

The Sustainable Futures Collaborative (SFC) is a New Delhi-based independent research organisation that:

  • Analyses issues at the frontier of addressing climate change, managing the energy transition, and limiting environmental threats in India and globally.
  • Informs policymakers, stakeholders and the public about key policy and governance levers, and their implications.
  • Accelerates the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable future by enabling strategic action for systemic change.

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About IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) is an autonomous research university based in India. It is counted among the top universities in the world for technical education. It was established in 1961 by an act of the Indian parliament and designated an ‘Institute of National Importance’ in 1963. With a long trail of accomplishments behind it, it added another feather to its cap in 2018: it was awarded the newly created designation ‘Institution of Eminence’ (IoE) by the Government of India. It is the mission of IIT Delhi to generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. IIT Delhi strives to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society. Its values are focused on excellence in scientific and technical education and research, while maintaining academic integrity and accountability, respect for diversity, and an unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise. IIT Delhi works to make knowledge a means for serving society. The institute looks to mobilise resources from the industry and academia through a network of alumni to give shape to its vision. These alumni are leading scientists, technologists, business managers and entrepreneurs in various domains. To learn more about IIT Delhi,

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Eri Ikeda: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Kaveri K. Iychettira: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Associate, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs | Fellow at the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

Aman Srivastava: Fellow, Centre for Policy Research – Initiative on Climate, Energy and Environment


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